Flashback: London’s first “I Like It Like That” Social

This was a look back at one of the most memorable nights in my salsa life: the first “I Like It Like That” social in London. This was the first pure vinyl salsa social held in the city for as long as most dancers could remember. More significantly for me, it was my first time ever using vinyls live. To say I was nervous was an understatement. Organised by DJ Erick the Saint, the night also featured DJ Nilson from Toronto, Canada. I had spun with Nilson previously, at the Cyprus Salsa Jam 2011, and I knew I had to be at my best to keep up with this maestro! After the first couple of slightly hairy transitions (fortunately not captured on video), I really got in to it and had an amazing time! The fantastic feedback I got from the dancers and the feel of spinning vinyl for the first time really inspired me to follow the path of DJing on vinyl.